Engagement Ring Styles

Engagment Ring Styles

These  classically styled rings feature a prominent center stone. This style is a great choice when your focus is on the center stone.  This design pairs well with an interictally designed wedding band.  If your focus is on your wedding band design this makes an excellent addition to the set. More Examples

Similar to the classic solitaire these designs also feature the center stone.  On top of a lovely center these rings are adorned with additional small stones adding to the overall impact and sparkle of the piece. More Examples

Three stone rings have three stones front and center as opposed to one.  The smaller of the three are often referred to as side stones.  These stones are often used to accent the center by adding color or using complementary shapes. More Examples

Rings that have a circle of decorative stones surrounding the center is often called a halo ring.  The design was first seen in the Victorian times and was popularized in the 1920’s during the Art Deco Period. This design element can be used to increase the overall impact of a center stone.  Unique twists on the halo have been very popular lately giving rings an overall lacey and flowery feel.  More Examples


This style embodies the intricate details from antique rings and pulls them into a new style.  These pieces are elegant and timeless.  More Examples

Celtic Rings

The Celtic style is made up of beautiful and classic intricate knots and geometric patterns.  The design elements have been popular for centuries, symbolizing love, friendship, and eternity. More Examples

Birthstone Rings

Family rings make lovely gifts and are always unique.  We start with birthdays and figure out gemstones and design around that.  This example the center stones represent the father and mother, with each child on either side. More Examples