Band Styles

Band Styles


The classic band is just that, classic.  These bands can be seen throughout the history of wedding bands.  Worn alone, or with an engagement ring this is a timeless style.  This style also makes makes a great matched set. 

Horse Shoe

Sometimes the best way to complement an engagement ring is with a design that accentuates the unique symmetry of the ring. The u-shape allows the center ring to drop in between the two sides allowing the decorative aspects of the band to balance each side of the ring.


This style of band is designed to sit next to a solitaire.  This band adds your personal style to a classic engagement ring. More Examples


Eternity rings are a beautiful way to add more sparkle to a set.  The great thing about this style is that it can spin and is always right side up. More Narrow Bands


This ring is a great example of how the concept “We love snakes” can be incorporated into a ring deign without being so literal it distracts from the overall beauty of the ring. 


The abstract style is a great way to work a very literal idea, “We love snakes” into a balanced and attractive design.  In this example we looked at the defining shapes of a snake and exaggerated them to give the impression of a snake but also create an attractive pattern for the design. Wide Bands


This matching set is a roadmap of the most important elements of this couples relationship. 

all in One

Sometimes sweet and simple is the best way to go.  This ring is a great wedding band and engagement ring in one.  Wedding Bands


Rustic elements lend a pleasing organic element.  This band is using a wood grain pattern to add interest to an otherwise plain band.